Students Council

The Prefectorial Board of Mother Divine Public School meets regularly to anlayse, organise and execute all school activities-both day-to-day and inter-house events. The maintenance of daily discipline is, to a large extent, in their hands. In this, they are helped by every member of the staff.

Besides, as representatives and the voice of the student body, they are allowed to express themselves on any issue that is a cause of concern to the healthy atmosphere of the school.

Eligibility & Method of Selection

Interested students from class XII appear for a written test and the successful students become eligible for nomination. These nominated students appear for an interview.

After the procedure, the following positions are assigned:

  • School Captain
  • Head Boy
  • Head Girl
  • Sports Captain
  • Cultural Head
  • Editorial Head

Their assistants are from current class XI. Their positions are following:

  • Vice School Captain
  • Deputy Head Boy
  • Deputy Head Girl
  • Vice Sports Captain
  • Deputy Cultural Head
  • Deputy Editorial Head