The society which deprives or ignores education to its citizens, impedes its growth. The founders of Mother Divine Public School have foreseen and also have envisioned an educated society. The motto of the school, ‘We come to learn and learn to live’, itself justifies that education imparted should be a step towards the integrated development of the society through individuals. We at MDPS, believe in team work, where the management of the school, the staff and the parents join hands together to nurture value-based meaningful education to our students. These students are responsible citizens of the future.

In pursuit to accomplish the vision and mission, we entrust the implementation of the school curriculum in the ambience of a stress-free work culture. Our planning is not only restricted to the academics, but on holistic growth of the child too. The mission and the philosophy of the founders of the school, ‘To provide education to all segments of the society in a true secular way’, is supported by the strong value system for which we as citizens of India are admired and appreciated globally.

Students are the torchbearers of the nation. The school continues to contribute to their holistic development by engaging with the school exchange programmes (both intra and inter school activities) to avail the benefits of the latest changes in the field of education. In order to keep ourselves updated, in the field of education, we have inducted Smartboard rooms aka smart classrooms. Besides, ICT in education we also regularly arrange in-service training programmes for the school teaching staff (INSET) to remain abreast with the pedagogical deliveries of the content. We also invite the professionals from various fields to facilitate our students for career counselling and likewise options to steer them to select the field of their choice. In order to ensure they face and thrive the competition proposed by CBSE board examinations, this year the school has initiated a special drive, wherein students will be tutored extensively by way of periodic mock tests, regular discussions and academic counselling. It is ensured that the students will be given best possible exposure and training before they face the board exams and guide them towards an appropriate field for higher education.

The school also acknowledges the role of community as indispensable. Despite having faced tumultuous situations at school, the parents have always backed us with a strong and an undeniable support system. It is only from this mutual collaboration; our efforts have led us to channelize and secure the best interests of our students.

After spending almost four decades in active school education life, it is indeed a pleasure to be a part of team MDPS.

As a team MDPS, we wish that the torch of ‘Knowledge’ ignited by our founders will continue to clear the darkness of ignorance to brighten the life style of the society.

Mr. AK Bakshi