Aerobay Lab

Aerobay is a hands-on experimental set up. It is fully equipped with activity kits, ready to fly model plane kits, ready to assemble plane kits, modeling tools, Hand & Power 3D Prototyping machines, STEM kits focused an air dynamics life size models of Hyper Structure such as WIND TUNNEL, SATELLITE and WEATHER STATION.

The curriculum is embedded into the school eco system with a yearly module plan for the Aerobay project. Following the objective of CBSE, ICSE, IB and State Board, the curriculum effectively implements the practical models provided.

Aerobay provides an exposure for students to develop real world skills that can turn their passions into careers. In addition, this would create opportunities for them to understand advances in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY and its application to air and space engineering. The programme facilitates students to opt for futuristic career domains like - AEROSPACE, AVIATION, SPACE-TECH ETC.

The curriculum has wide association and implementation of concepts related to air dynamics, electricity, magnetism and many more through life size models. Students can practically make / pursue their science projects on their own, thus making it hugely fascinating and interesting learning experience for them.