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Title : Highlights for the Academic Session 2021-22

F. No. MDPS/SS/2020-2021/323                      CIRCULAR                                                 Date: 16.03.2021


Highlights for Academic Session 2021-22

Dear Parents,

                        MDPS greetings!

It’s a pleasure to congratulate you on the performance of your ward. In Mother Divine Public School, the management of the school is progressive and takes measures to raise the benchmark for the standards of the school. Following points for the session 2021-22 have been unanimously endorsed and put forth in points to ponder over :-

1.         The school is serious to take note of the learning gaps in different subjects due to pandemic and we plan to start in a phased manner the bridge course for all the students to build up a strong foundation for the upcoming session 2021-2022. The details will be shared with the parents by the respective class teachers shortly.

2.         You are requested to make your ward attend the virtual class in ‘Complete School Uniform’.  The students will not be appreciated for attending the classes in inappropriate attire. Uniform details are available on the school website.

3.         As per the school policy, every student should have mandatory 75% attendance during the session. In case, a student does not meet this requirement, he/she may be barred from appearing in the exams. Please note and be careful for the next session and onwards.

4.         If you wish to meet any teacher or any school authority, send your request for appointment or fix it on phone with the reception office or on email:

5.         Counsel your ward to leave the session only after the end of virtual meeting by the respective teacher.

6.         For grades VI to VIII, the school is introducing additional CBSE Skill modules (Design Thinking, Mass Media, Artificial Intelligence) without charging any additional amount from the students. The road map for the activities and the classes involved will be sent to you before the beginning of new session.


            With your co-operation, it will be possible to impart value based education to our students. Your support is always of great worth and appreciated.




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