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Title : e-EXTRAVAGANZA - Concoction of Snapshots (Result Declaration)

Imagination is the beginning of creation

You imagine what you desire,

You will what you imagine,

and at last,

you create what you will"

- G. B. Shaw


Giving wings to the child’s imagination and providing them the opportunity to explore their potential is a constant endeavour on the part of the Mother Divine Public School, Rohini.


One such platform was created in the form of the show “e-EXTRAVAGANZA - Concoction of Snapshots” for honouring the skills of little munchkins in order to groom them as confident beings. This show became grand with the huge participation of around 500 parents along with their tiny tots from the tri-city.


“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”.


Kids from the age group of 2 to 5 years category wise shared their most incredible photographs which were the precious moments of their life. The engagement was filled with lot of enthusiasm which truly gave a neck to neck competition. The students were completely engrossed in their “Concoction of Snapshots” show and shared their best clicks.


MDPS, Rohini extends special gratitude to the parents who shared their candid stills with their sweet hearts whole heartedly. The grandeur of this event is truly unmatched in the city, which became a spectacle to behold for all those witnessing it.


With the immense pleasure and pride we share the list of winners. Heartiest felicitation to the apple of eyes.

May they pace forward on the path of success and glory in the times to come.

Download | Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 15 Feb 2021