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Title : Good Luck for JEE - Main

Dear Students,
When we stand on a bridge over a river and throw our sight on the flowing water, it is observed that a lot of water flows along the river within no time. The process continues with the supporting inflow of the freshwater. Similarly, in a school, as the school educators ,we discern  that after every session, our students start preparing for the final school bout to step in a new life. It's a great feeling for all of us to see a transformation from a raw innocent child (when you entered the school) to a balanced grown-up to face the challenges of the world. The ‘Management’ and the ‘Staff’ of “Mother Divine Public School”, Rohini wish good luck to all our students for class XII who are prepared to face JEE “Main Exams” scheduled from 23rd February to 26th February, 2021. 
Your painstaking efforts gelled with our prayers will bring the result, we all aspire for.
God Bless You, 

Manan Budhraja

| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 10 Feb 2021