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Title : Train your Brain

Train your Brain
Have you ever seen, different people react differently in the same situation? What may be a life and death situation for one, the other might take it very casually. The situation may be same, having the same intensity, still the reaction towards it is completely different of different people. For instance, some people tend to lose their temper very soon, while others remain to stay calm even in the toughest of times. Does that mean that the situation is less important for them ? The answer is NO!
But stressing over something for long doesn't help solving and facing the situation, but hampers our creative thinking and logical sense, also have adverse health effects on our body. That doesn't mean that stress is bad for us. Yes, stress is good and important for survival, but only to some extent. Stress till normal levels, help in increasing effectiveness and efficiency.
Let's manage this stress:
Do not Over think!
Have a plan of action!
Talk to someone!
Time Management!
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
Proper intake of water!
Focus on your action, rather than outcome!
Work on feedbacks!
It is not the situation that defines us, but how we handle it and deal with it shapes our personality.
Divya Kharbanda
(School Counselor)
Mother Divine Public School
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| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 20 Apr 2020