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Title : Article by School Counselor

Hello Everyone, 
I hope everyone is safe, healthy and at home! 
It is not a very regular routine we all are into. Staying home 24*7, not going out for school, tuitions, or for evening games or evening strolls. Simply just staying put inside the boundaries of our homes. But you know what, the beauty of this is that we all are in this together! This is required of us at the moment, Social Distancing! It can be a little stressful as the days are more. But there are few tips through which we can easily sail away with this time. And before you read further, just try and understand the beauty in every aspect.
Some tips we can follow:
Have a routine for yourself! (it will be easier as the online academic sessions have also begun)
Exercise daily!
Read some good books! 
Limit your screen time!
Spend quality time with family! (Playing group games)
Help your parents in household chores! (Since house help is also on quarantine)
Try your hand in cooking!
Fix your Self Study hours!

Divya Kharbanda
(School Counselor)
Mother Divine Public School
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| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 03 Apr 2020