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Title : A Message for the Parents

Dear Parent,

MDPS greetings

Hope that as a responsible citizen, you are doing all that what you are supposed to do. This will be a contribution to the ‘National Interest’. Nation is expecting this minimum from us. At the same time, ‘Humanity’ expects that our gestures should support every needy person around us. The person should not feel alone rather must realize that as Indians we are there to extend a helping hand to each other.

We are not habituated to stay in without any reason. Being matured and responsible we understand the gravity of the issue. But same may not be the case with our young kids. Their dynamism may not be there to accept the staying in or caging routine. They have neither experienced nor their energy level may be ready to accept it.

There comes the role of our parenting. We should compensate their anxiety with additional care, being with them, addressing their queries, sharing the family culture. We may engage them in family games, good foods which they relish, motivating them to read good books .

This is the time, they may be asked to open the regular school text books in between these activities because at this stage, there text books are also new for them. The technology can help them to keep occupied. They can see supportive educational videos. This will enable them to develop the ‘Research oriented studies.

All these measures are appreciable but with a caring and affectionate touch. As already put up, this age of a child forces them for dynamism and being bolted in house is against nature. This may be causing an inbuilt stress to see their abnormal behavior. Instead of showing our dissent, we should be more considerate that is what they need it too.

As the school management, we comprehend the psychological pressure on you as parents as well as on students. We assure you that the school management is equally concerned and will take every possible effort within our limits to look after our children and also will not hesitate to mentor you as and when we feel it is required.

Once again wish you a healthy and a safe stay. The generations to come will no doubt will remain indebted to you for this contribution.


Manan Budhraja

| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 26 Mar 2020