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Title : Circular - Corona Virus


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F.No.MDPS/SS/2019-20/529                                                                                                  Date : 04.03.2020


Dear Parents

Hope your ward should be having a new experience of appearing in the exams. This should add confidence and a feel of contentment. There are certain points which the school authorities wish to bring to your notice. Please read carefully the points given below and feel free to share your feedback :

*          There is global tension, how to cope up the menace of ‘Corona Virus’ issue. ‘Precaution is the best medicine’ is what the people have started believing.

*          There is a change of weather. So, normal cough, cold, flu symptoms could be deceptive. See that woolens should not be thrown out rightly and immediately. Morning and Evening special care is required.

*          Special heed should be taken on the ‘hygiene factor’ and the children need to be educated about
‘self-hygiene’ time and again. In particular, wash your hands before and after every meal. Your hand wash should have at least 20 seconds wash time as effective preventive measure. Drink sufficient quantity of water or warm liquid to keep your throat wet.

*          As most of the ‘colours’ and ‘tools’ used during the ‘Holi Festival’ are imported from China. So, the children should desist the use of such items and must be told not to play ‘Holi’ with these colours & balloons etc.

            In view of the above, it is pertinent to bring to your notice that the school is taking as a social responsibility, a lot of measures on the issue. The school needs your co-operation on the following matters :

(i)         If your ward is having cough, cold or normal flu symptoms, do not send your ward to school and take medical advice. The child should come to school once free from those hassles.

(ii)        If a student wishes to appear for exams, the parent should inform the class teacher or at reception office about the health condition of the student. So, that the school takes necessary measures.

(iii)       If you have by chance travelled abroad in recent times. Please, send your ward to school after consulting the competent medical authority. It will be good for you as well as for the school.

(iv)       Instruct your ward, not to indulge in playing ‘Holi’ specially in and around school campus (after the school dispersal). The school will take deemed disciplinary action against the defaulters.

(v)        The school authorities have done special arrangement of keeping a sanitizer at the entry gate. Those who wish to visit the school, should sanitize their hands before entry.


For any query, please contact the school authorities.

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