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Title : Notice - Discipline Week (LKG to XII)


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F.No.MDPS/SS/2019-20/394                                                                                                  Date: 02.12.2019



Dear Parents,

Greetings from Mother Divine Public School!

Discipline is the most important aspect in the life of human beings. Discipline is one of the most important Value and should be inculcated during the formative years of any human being. Parents also impart the significance of the discipline to their respective wards. It is a fact that a disciplined person is well taken in any walk of the society.

As we in Mother Divine Public School, are firm believer of the value based education, so, in pursuit to our philosophy, the school is planning to celebrate week from 2.12.19 to 7.12.19 as “Discipline Week” in the school. This full week the main feature will be to see the students are disciplined in all aspects and thus continue to adopt it in the regular life.

Our parents are always supportive and take effective participation to make such school activities beneficial. We expect the parents that they should see their respective wards reach the school latest by 8.00 a.m., the ward is in complete school winter uniform. At home, they should have discussions on discipline and the importance of ‘Self Discipline’ in our lives.

In order to make the students to understand the difference between punctuality and discipline, we are focused on the discipline week. Hope that your support will help us to accomplish our objective. A recall of school winter uniform for you, please refer School Almanac and be a part of this constructive move.

| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 02 Dec 2019