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Title : Circular for I to VIII


SECTOR-3 ROHINI, DELHI-110085  Ph.: 43001772

F.No.MDPS/SS/2019-20/163                                                                                                          Date: 01.08.19




Dear Parent,

The school strives hard to achieve the all-round development of the students. It is always committed towards good health, sanitation and clean environment so that the goal of holistic growth materializes for the students. In the wake of the spiraling cases of fever all around and in order to join the mass movement to control ‘Dengue’, it is a request to all the parents to follow the precautionary measures which are stated below:

  • Students are advised to wear the full sleeved school shirt and trouser.
  • They should apply mosquito repellent on the exposed parts of the body (if possible).
  • They are also advised to trim their nails once a week and also wash their hands before and after their meals. This will help them to be safe, disease free and healthy.
  • You are advised not to send your ward to school in case he/she is suffering from fever.

To instill the values of personal commitment towards a healthier society, students are also given awareness sessions for prevention of dengue fever. We would request the parents to take measures to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in and around your homes by avoiding water logging in coolers, flowerpots, AC trays etc., apart from using mosquito repellant coils and sprays.


Our one step complimented by your support will definitely make our vision of healthy tomorrow for our kids real:


Note: The school is making its own efforts by getting the school disinfected through fumigation both on its own and through MCD.




| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 01 Aug 2019