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F.No.MDPS/SS/2019-20/154                                                                                                          Date: 29.07.19


Dear Parent

The school provides bus transport facility to its students for commuting to school from the place of their residence and also for the return journey in the afternoon; after the school working hours. It is reinforced that the school students are offered school bus services only in the existing bus routes subject to the availability of the seats. In view of some additional factors, like the bus routes/timings, may not be convenient to some of the students. The students prefer to use the other available resources for the purpose of shuttling to the school from their residence. One of the options in such cases is the use of “Private Vans”. There are certain neighbourhood areas, where the parents opine that the availability of “Private Vans” for transporting the students is better option.

In order to ensure the safety and the security of the students certain points are listed below for the of the  awareness of the parents :

1.         The “Private Vans” used by the parents for travelling to and fro, residence to school, their wards to come to school and being dropped home after the school working hours; are not provided by the school.

2.         The school has no links / details / verifications of the “Private Vans” service providers. The parents are using these vans on the basis of their own information about the vans service providers and also on the basis of ‘understanding between the two parties i.e. the parents and the van service providers’. The school is not involved in any manner.

3.         The parents should strictly instruct. The van service providers to maintain punctuality i.e. in the morning the students should be dropped in the school latest by 8.00 only (5 minutes grace) and in the afternoon the student should be picked immediately after the final bell.

4.         Whenever the school van driver reports to the school late in the afternoon, the students start wandering here and there or students at times have tiff with each other resulting an unwarranted situation. The only solution to such issues is the van service provider should be regular and punctual.

5.         The school van service provider should know, that number of students travelling in a van, are allowed 1.5 times its registered capacity of number of passengers, it may carry. Generally, the permissible number for ordinary van is eight only. 

6.         From time to time, Govt. of Delhi, Directorate of Education Delhi, C.B.S.E. issue guide lines to ensure the smooth conduct of the transport means for the school wards. In order to strengthen safety and security measures to our own students, some of the points are noted for your perusal:

*          The vehicle being used for the Students Transport Service, should be registered in Delhi.

*          The driver and conductor of such vehicles should be permanent in covering the route.

*          The van should have basic facilities like cameras, lights, pollution control certificate etc.

*          The photocopy of the complete set of papers regarding the transporting vehicle should be in the van only.

*          The van should have a “First Aid Box” in the van.

*          The Police Verification of the Driver / The Conductor should be done. A copy of the same should be kept in the van and the other one should be with you.

*          One copy of the complete attested set of above listed papers should be with the school authority.

*          The operating fuel for the vehicle in use should be “CNG”.

*          The window panes, the doors of vehicles should be proper and should be fully intact.

*          The driver should be given instructions that the vehicle should not be moving at the time of boarding and de-boarding of the students.

*          The driver should take extra precautions while using the reverse gear of the vehicle.

*          The driver should be directed not to be rash on road or do the over speeding. The vehicle should have speed governor.

*          The emergency help line, the police control room, the local police station phone numbers should be available with the driver.


            In view of the above, parents are hereby directed to ensure that the vehicle in use for their ward’s transportation to and from the school should have compliance of the above noted directions.


            School authorities are always available to the parents during school working hours to address the query,   if any.

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