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Title : Notice


SECTOR-3 ROHINI, DELHI-110085  Ph.: 43001772




F.No.MDPS/SS/2019-20/148                                                                                                          Date: 26.07.19



Dear Parent,


Hope you are satisfied with the performance of your ward. We as a school always look forward for your, inputs in providing better facilities and quality education to our students.


An issue, concerning transport for your ward has already been brought to your notice. Since it is quite sensitive subject, concerning the safety and the security of our students and your wards. So, I reiterate to remind you that you remain personally in touch with your transport service provider regularly.

*          The service provider should have compliance of all guidelines issued by ‘Directorate of Education / CBSE / Police Departments.

*          The service provider should be instructed to pick the students from the school and ensure that they should not be left vulnerable on the road side.

*          The service provider should be made to have punctuality in dropping and picking the students. School is always there to support the parents/students in extending any guidance required.

*          Since the service provider has been engaged exclusively by you to support commuting of your ward (from the residence to school and also for return journey), the school does not maintain any record of such transporters.


Hope your vigilant efforts will ensure safety and the security of the students.

| Posted By : Mother Divine School | Date : 26 Jul 2019